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What are the Most Demanded Visas of India?

Visa is the sort of legal document that allows you to enter and stay in a particular country for a limited time period. Visa can be a certificate separate with a stamp on the passport. It is issued by the migration officials of the country after checking and confirming all the given documents appropriately. Once, you get a visa, it implies that you are allowed to enter a nation and can stay there for a particular time. Though, the authorization got through visa is transitory and dependent on the approval from migration official at the arrival.

Sorts of Visa in India

The main reason for dividing the visa into types; is to categorize the visitors form their purposes of visiting. There are three sorts of visa issued by the government of India which include-

·         Business visa

An Indian Business Visa is firmly given to the individuals who might want to make a business-related tour to India. For example, making sales or starting new business steps or open new franchises in India. An applicant going for work in ventures/contract in India needs to apply for an Employment Visa, and not a Business Visa.

·         Tourist visa

A Tourist Visa is allowed for visiting India for enjoyment, touring, normal visits to meet companions and family members and so on. No different exercises are admissible on a Tourist Visa. So to get an Indian tourist visa, you should not have a house or occupation in India.

·         Medical visa

A Medical Visa is given to the individuals who are looking for medical treatment in presumed/perceived emergency hospitals /treatment in India. Up to two companions who have blood relations are permitted to go with the applicant under single Medical Attendant visas.

All three types can be applied with two modes, one is a Regular visa on which you need to go embassy and stand in queue for your turn, it is a lengthy process but you can get the visa for a maximum of 10 years if you apply for it. On the other side, E-visa is the online and new mode of getting visa instantly. Due to modernization, E-visa is quite popular among applicants. As it’s the fastest, easiest and simplest way to get a visa for India or from India.

Most Demanded Visas of India

All three types of visas are very much in India, as India is the great place for exploring the inner soul with yoga, the richness of historic culture and architecture attracts the travelers from every corner of the world. To do so, they need to apply for a tourist visa.

On the other side, India is an underdeveloped country and a great place for immense opportunities which catches the eyes of the world’s business leaders to developed their market. Here, in order to capitalize on the opportunity, they need to apply for a business visa.

Also, India is making the name in the field of research and development. Medical is another sector where India is getting reputation in the world. Hence, patience from other parts of the world visit here by applying the Indian medical visa for treatment.

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